Polybutylene pipes and plumbing are gray water supply line pipes that were developed in 1970's and have recently been discovered to possibly cause severe property damage and leaking. Not all homes have had leaks or major problems, but the problem is, its impossible to tell if a property will have problems, or when.

Systems made with polybutylene fail without warning, damaging properties and personal belongings, and disrupting lives. Factor that may contribute to poly's failure include: chemicals in water supply, like chlorine; age of pipe; and improper installation.

"For thousands of homeowners, polybutylene plumbing has become a recurring nightmare ..." - Ed Bradley, CBS "60 Minutes"

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The Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center, an organization handling the administration of the Cox v. Shell Class Action Lawsuit, has a website that can be found here. You can call the Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center with concerns about Polybutylene Pipe Claims at 1-800-876-4698.

Specific legal information on the Class Action Lawsuit can be found here.