Boylan Heights - 907 W. South St. Raleigh, NC 27603
| Floors just refinished | New interior paint | 2 Bedrooms | 2 Baths | 1,389 sqft | $265,000 |

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907 W South St
  1. Southern and Soho is how the owner and former occupant, Geoff Edgers, described this unique home in a Boston Globe article he wrote in 2006. His words follow here. See also Geoff's video and his wife's history describing their former home.
  2. The words of the seller describe the rest of the house pictures. The front porch is ideal for entertaining, relaxing after work or, as we once did, hosting a house concert.
  3. Part of why this house is special for us is the open floor plan created by the former owner and architect, Cynthia Langlykke.
  4. The SoHO green floors are history. The newly refinished floors sparkle.
  5. Look inside the built-in bookcases and you will see plugs hidden away so that you can hook up your stereo, tv or lamps without having a bunch of wires strung around the room.
  6. They tried to get us to paint the chimney, but we resisted. The twisting, salmon-colored chimney is a virtual sculpture. It defines the house in many ways and is one of our favorite architectural features.
  7. Of course, we love the open shelving that separates the kitchen from the rest of the house. We filled those shelves with cookbooks, pieces of pottery and pictures. When we moved to Boston, we had a carpenter recreate this same look.
  8. Some people like closed, traditional cabinets. We always wanted open shelves, which would allow us to show off our pottery mugs, glasses and custom plates. We loved cooking on the gas stove.
  9. We are providing you with a picture of the kitchen before it was recently repainted. It should show you that this house is well equipped to take on your personal vision for style.
  10. The back deck and back yard provide a quiet place to read or enjoy a cup of coffee.
  11. A rear alley provides convenient access for a car through a gate in a custom-built shadowbox fence. We were somewhat obsessive about keeping up the yard, growing grass and maintaining a garden. Alas, our absence has not made the grass grow greener.
  12. The second bedroom can either be a bedroom or an office. It has deep closets and storage under the loft.
  13. The loft is obviously popular with kids because they love climbing ladders to bed. We also used it as a guest room. Usually, Carlene and I let our guests have the main bedroom. We loved climbing up to bed.
  14. The main bedroom has two pretty large closets and sitting area.
  15. There are two bathrooms. The one we used most is a modern bathroom with a tankless water heater installed two years ago.
  16. The 2nd bathroom, with an old clawfoot tub, also serves as a spacious daylight laundry room.
  17. Perched on a hill overlooking downtown, Boylan Heights is a vibrant neighborhood with annual art walks, Halloween celebrations and much more. Check back for more pictures to be added.

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