Longview Gardens

Newspaper articles and neighborhood newsletters.
Raleigh Tract in New Hands (123kb)
A N&O article about the King Charles neighborhood and the Watson property.
How To Build a Better Highschool (220kb)
A Newsweek article about AP testing and student performance.
Taking in the Longview (417kb)
A N&O article about Peter's and other agents' sales in and perspectives on the Longview Gardens neighborhood.
The Diversity Dilemma (82kb)
A N&O article about achieving racial diversity in public schools in NC.
Toward True Integration (85kb)
A N&O article about school busing and centralization of school districts.
Family finds 'real' neighborhood exists in southeast Raleigh (164kb)
A N&O article about a family's experiences in the Longview Gardens neighborhood.
Incentive to Integrate (75kb)
A N&O article about building new communities that have racial balance in base schools.
A Better Option for Integration (142kb)
A N&O article about racial balance and overcrowding in Wake County schools.
Secrets inside the beltline (245kb)

An article by Bob Geary about the New Bern Avenue area.


Neighborhood Newsletter (208kb)
Spring 05
Neighborhood Newsletter (94kb)
November 2000
Neighborhood Newsletter (102kb)
November 1998
Neighborhood Newsletter (30kb)
May 1997
Neighborhood Newsletter (109kb)
April 1996
Neighborhood Newsletter (98kb)
April 1995
Neighborhood Newsletter (126kb)
May 1994
Fall Festival (85kb)
Fall Gathering (43kb)
Leadership (62kb)
Notes from the Chair (104kb)
Volunteers (81kb)